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Common FAQ-questions & FAQ-answers

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.
For more information about Jesse & Son, or if you need support, please contact us.

Is there a minimum order quantity in your store?

We have a minimum requirement of 3 shirts for first-time clients in our store, but do not have a minimum quantity for other products. We sell at fixed prices, so you can be rest assured you are getting all items at the best possible price and equally as our other customers.

Will my measurements be filed for future orders?

Once you have visited us and have been measured for, we keep all your measurements on file in our store. When you would like to reorder items, whether from our store or online system, we will refer to your stored measurements and ask if you would like to use the exact same measurements or have refinements made. This is done to ensure that every item of clothing from us fits you perfectly.

What is Liquid Ammonia finishing?

It is a high-end finishing process that creates long-lasting, bright luster, and soft hand feel to our shirts. Liquid Ammonia enhances the wash-and-wear durability, and has wrinkle-resistant qualities. It minimizes shrinkage of our cotton shirts.

How do I take care for the garments I buy from your store?

Fabric care instructions and how to extend the life of your clothing


Dry-Clean: It is not recommended to dry clean shirts very frequently as fabric fibers will deteriorate quicker. Chemicals and starch used at dry cleaners can give your shirt a yellow tint and pressing with high heat may ruin collars and cuffs. If you choose to dry clean shirts, please always specify no-starch and no-machine press but hand-press instead.

Wash: Before washing, unbutton all of the buttons, including cuff buttons and any collar buttons. Remove any collar stays and keep them properly. Pretreat any stains by carefully working a little detergent into them or spot clean with stain remover. Use high quality detergent and not any that are chlorine-based, as they may cause discoloration in the fabric. Shirts should be hand-washed or machine-washed with cold to luke-warm water (not over 30 degrees Celsius) on a delicate cycle. Avoid using dryers completely and hang dry instead.

Iron & Hang: Hand iron with shirt slightly moist, starting with low heat and increasing the heat until the shirt responds to wrinkles. Do not use any starch as this lessens the lifespan of a shirt. Try to only use wood hangers that have a wide spread body to maintain the drape and shape of the shirt.


Dry-Clean: Taking your pants to the dry cleaners very often is not recommended as the harsh chemicals and high heat pressing process may cause damage to fabric fibers and cause a shine in darker colors. When dry cleaning, always indicate to hand press with press cloth with no starch. Note that 100% wool pants need to be dry-cleaned, but at the most once every 5 wears, as the fabric breathes and airing them out removes any moisture and allows wrinkles to dissipate (while other trouser fabrics can be washed more often). If the trouser is not visibly dirty or worn for long hours, it is recommended to use a steamer to iron out any wrinkles and deodorize it. Giving your pants a brush (with a soft-bristled brush) after each wear will significantly extend its life as well as remove any dirt particles such as food and other debris. Any stains should be spot-treated with fabric appropriate stain removers.  

Wash: If washing pants (except 100% wool) at home, use cool to luke warm water by either hand-wash or machine wash with a light load, delicate cycle, mild detergent, and no bleach. Avoid using dryers.

Iron & Hang: Hang dry your pants. With wool-based and linen pants, lay them flat to dry on towels as hanging may cause fibers to stretch when wet. After drying, always iron pants with damp-press cloth on top to prevent burning the fabric and causing a permanent shine. After ironing, the best option for hanging them is vertically with hangers that have clips, so that their own weight can give them back their original shape. However, if your wardrobe is not tall enough for it, you can hang them folded by above the knees. Use only thick, wood or plastic, hangers to make sure that no wrinkles appear.


Dry-Clean: Dry-cleaning your jackets should not be done very often, as the high drying temperatures and chemicals used in the process can directly damage your suit, its internal canvass or slowly decrease its lifespan.  Only take your suit to the dry cleaners every once in a long while, and do so only when visible dirt or odor has built up. However, if you need to give it for a total cleaning and press, always specify steam press/or hand iron gently with damp press cloth. If it isn't visibly dirty and just needs to be freshened up, you can steam press it. Using a garment steamer on your suit is one of the best ways to not only free your suit of wrinkles but also to deodorize it. If your suit gets a stain, try to spot treat the area rather than cleaning the entire suit. Giving your suit a brush (a soft-bristled brush) after each wear along with the occasional application of a lint roller will significantly extend its life.  Simply hang up your jacket and brush downwards (never perpendicular to the fibers) gently, and slowly.

Iron & Hang: If your suit has wrinkles, try ironing the suit with the iron on mid-heat, and place a damp towel between the iron and the suit.  This will help avoid the problem of burning the fabric and making it appear shiny. Hang the suit with some room between it and the next item in your closet so it can properly air out in between wears. Try to only use wood hangers that have a wide spread body to maintain the drape and shape of the suit. The natural wool fibers of your suit need time to rest and recover, so make sure you rotate your suits evenly throughout the week.  

How long does it take to make a shirt or a suit?

All first-time clients require fittings for the clothes that are made from us to ensure a “flawless fit”. Assuming that your time in Bangkok is restricted, a shirt and pant can take a minimum of 2 days while jackets a minimum of 3 days, with at least 1-2 fittings before pick-up. We accommodate rush orders if you have limited time in Bangkok. We also post items to you after your fittings, in order to have additional time to work on your clothes. We recommend that you send us the schedule of your time in Bangkok, so that we can set an appointment time for you to receive the complete “custom tailor” experience.

Do you have international shipping?

We provide international shipping to all our clients and use THAI EMS to post all our items. The shipping charges are based on country and weight of package. A tracking number will be provided with each post. Jesse & Son is not responsible for duties and custom taxes after shipment is posted.

If I cannot make to your store but would like to order clothes, What should I do?

If you are in Bangkok and cannot make it our store, please send us an email to [email protected] stating what items you are interested in, and we may be able to schedule a sales representative out to service your group at your location.

If you are not in Bangkok, we recommend using our online ordering system, which is simple and designed for ease of functionality. You will be able to browse through fabrics, designs and customize clothes down to the very last details (including measurement options), just like how you would in our store.

What are the payment options in your store? What are the payment options online?

There is a 50% deposit requirement on clothing ordered in order to commission your clothes to being made. In our store, we accept cash in major currencies as well as debit and credit cards from major companies such as VISA and MASTER CARD. In our online store, we accept PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION, and MAIL-ORDER payments.

What are Mother of Pearl buttons? What are horn buttons?

Mother of Pearl buttons are made from the inner layers of pearl oysters and are considered the hallmark of a high quality shirt-maker. They have much more depth of color than plastic resin buttons used by majority of tailors and do not dissolve after repeated washes like how resin does. The beauty and reflective nature of Mother of Pearl buttons enhances the elegance and value of shirts made by Jesse & Son. We are proud to provide this premium accessory as the basic shirting standard to all our clients.

Mother of Pearl button colors we offer are Smoke Gray, Royal Blue, Golden Brown or Radiant White.

Our horn buttons are sustainably made from the horn of buffalos, with each button being unique and different from any other, due to the special markings visible on the surface of each. These natural buttons are not found on standard suits available by other tailors but are considered a special add-on feature. At Jesse & Son, we provide this touch of class as the standard on all our suiting (jackets, pants, waistcoats, overcoats) showcasing our eye for detail and the use of only the best of materials for all our clients.

Horn button colors we offer for our suits are Polished black, Dark Mocha, Tiger, Burnt Orange, to name a few.