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Our fabric collection is handpicked from dozens of mills around the world for their brilliance, durability, and comfort. Our large selection of elegantly designed patterns and luxurious fabrics allow you to have the maximum choices and value at each price point. No matter the purpose or occasion, our tasteful fabrics will always get you noticed.

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At Jesse and Son we offer our clients only the finest handpicked fabrics that create the best silhouettes and structure for its purpose. Luxurious hand feel and excellent long term performance are just a few aspects with which we use to personally select all fabrics.

SuperFine Blend

This is our economical suiting fabric range that includes wool blends ranging from 30% up to 60%. Our wool and microfiber blends have a soft-hand feel, are comfortable, durable, and is known for its ease of care. Light-weight to medium weight fabrics are available depending on client’s preference, thus making this an excellent choice for suits, professional attires or uniforms.

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SuperFine WoolRich Blend

 This suiting collection includes blends from 70% – 95% wool. They are extremely good value for money, as all fabrics have a luxurious hand feel, excellent drape, with the added benefit of durability and reduced wrinkling from the microfiber fabric content. Medium weight fabrics are available in ranges of colors & patterns suitable for all occasions all year around.

Our suiting in this category includes blends from 70% – 95% wool. All our superfine blend wool rich suiting fabrics come with the label of the mill it is produced from, showcasing its authenticity. Our clients have the option to have this label sewn into their jackets and a selvedge (indication of fabric quality and composition) sewn into the inner hem of every trouser’s pocket.

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Cotton fabrics are usually more associated with a casual suit but it has many benefits that wool fabrics do not, such as enhanced breathability and water absorption, as well as the benefit of being better suited when worn as separate pieces. Our cotton selections range from light to medium weights and are very suitable for chino trousers to be worn all year round. We stock a full range of colors from khaki to olive to shades of blues and blacks. All our fabrics are colorfast, have been prewashed to ensure minimum shrinkage, and have a special soft finishing to ensure maximum comfort and a smooth-hand feel.

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Our 100% linen suiting fabrics are available in light and medium weights and are an excellent option as summer jackets and pants due its fabric structure. They have a high natural luster, are soft to touch, durable and relatively easy to care for. We stock a complete range of high-grade linen fabrics in an assortment of colors from light hues to dark tones.

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Pure wool

Our collection of 100 % merino worsted wools are available from 100s up to 120s. They are finely woven and have a beautiful sheen making the fabrics have a luxurious feel and look. Our pure wools have great breathability during hot months and keep you warm during winter months. The tight weave helps hold the drape of a suit and with wools, they have the ability to return to its original shape when folded or stretched. Medium weight fabrics are available, and are suitable for all-year wear.

All our pure-wool suiting fabrics come with the label of the mill it is produced from, showcasing its authenticity. Our clients have the option to have this label sewn into their jackets and a selvedge (indication of fabric quality and composition) will always be sewn into the inner hem of every trouser’s side pocket.

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SuperFine Cotton Blend

Our SuperFine Cotton Blend fabrics are the result of polyester and cotton blending in certain proportions. These fabrics provide better strength and durability than those of 100% cotton fabrics and are guaranteed to have the least amount of shrinkage (if any). All our fabrics have high color fastness, are wrinkle-resistant, and are ideal for daily work-wear and uniforms. Available in light and medium weight, in full ranges of plain and patterned fabrics.

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Superior Cotton

This fabric range is made from 100% cotton and is available in 40/1 and compact 60/1 yarn counts. They have a smooth, light-hand feel and come in multiple weave types from oxfords to dobby and twills. We have a huge range of plain and patterned fabrics with some available in special liquid ammonia, or silky finishing, to enhance the soft-hand feel of the fabric and to make it wrinkle-resistant. The superior cotton collection offers great breathability and is excellent value-for-money for daily dress-shirts.

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Premium Cotton

Shirting fabrics in this collection are 100% cotton and include selections that have been treated with liquid ammonia or silky finish, to ensure a long-lasting bright luster, softness, wrinkle resistance, and durability. We have an excellent collection of plain and patterned fabrics in multiple weaves. Our yarns are composed of compact 70/1, 80/2-ply and 100/2-ply, all of which lend to a smoother, more crisp hand feel, and excellent breathability. We stock plain and patterned fabrics in our premium cotton collection and are great for those looking for extra comfort in their daily wear.

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Luxury Cotton

This is our finest collection of shirting fabrics, available in extra-long staple Egyptian cotton 120/2 ply. Shirtings in this category have a silky feel and a luxurious luster like no other, when worn. Our Egyptian cotton shirting fabrics are durable, extremely comfortable to wear, lightweight and have been treated with liquid ammonia or silky finish as well. Multiple weaves are available from herringbone, to twills and poplins in plain and patterned fabrics. Luxury cotton is a great choice for those looking for extra distinction in their dress shirts.

All our luxury cotton fabrics come with the label of the mill it is produced from, showcasing its authenticity. Our clients have the option to have this label sewn into their shirts.

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Linen Shirting

Our linen shirting are a great option for those looking for a more casual shirting option. The linens we stock are lightweight, cool, and have moisture absorption capacity that is far superior to that of cotton. Repeated washes make the fabric softer and the durability of its fabric structure ensures it lasts over the years. Our linens are available in a wide range of colors in plain and patterned fabrics.

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Angora Wool

Our overcoats are made from Angora fiber and wool blend, which results in a very soft and silky texture fabric. The Angora Wool Blend fabric insulates you better than pure wool but still has an airy lightness to it. All our angora-based overcoat fabrics come in a full range of colors and are responsibly sourced.

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Bemberg Linings

Bemberg is a natural fiber lining that is derived from the linter of cotton plants. Its smooth fiber surface breathes cool air and leaves the skin abrasion-free, while its quick absorption capabilities leaves your suits free from any moisture build up. Its surface also allows for maximum comfort of body movements by preventing fabric clinging and bunching, creating an elegant silhouette at all times. Our full range of Bemberg linings have deep colors and are extremely soft and silky in texture. This is the standard suit lining we offer all our customers as used by high-end luxury brands such as Hugo Boss, Zegna and Giorgio Armani.

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Italian and English Wool and Linen


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The silent shirt fabric brand behind many of the luxury houses shirt collections, Soktas fabrics include 100% Egyptian Cotton, organic cotton and cotton blends with silk, linen and elastane for comfortable stretch fabrics. For daily and practical shirts, Soktas also offers fabrics with 'Non Iron' , 'Easy Care' and 'Flat Finishes', which offer wrinkle-free and stay-fresh alternatives without ammonia.

Soktas collections available in store, range from luxury fabrics with timeless and elegant designs to modern and exquisite designs and textures.

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